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A Government or College-issued ID (license, passport, photo ID, etc), or a parent/guardian if you are a minor -And the signed waiver found under the "Info" link above if you are under 18.  You will not be able to participate in the event without it.

  • Cash. There will be food, beer and gear available. (On-site ATM usually works... usually.)
  • A towel and a change of clothes. You will get sweaty. You'll probably get dirty. You might get covered in nasty fluids and gnarly bits. A post-game clean-up will make everyone feel better.
  • A lawn chair in the unlikely event (yeah right) that you get devoured early. We'll have picnic tables and restaraunt deck seating as well.
  • Check the weather for the day of the game. Make sure you are prepared (i.e. umbrellas, appropriate clothing, etc.).
  • A can or box of food - Zombies aren't the only hungry ones around town. Help fill the food banks before Thanksgiving and give generously. (Humans are the only potentially expired meals allowed.)